Engines don't work

hello friends, I managed to overcome the lcd problem, I’m using a card that was previously used in the 3D printer,
see already measured the old vref, they were as follows of the x-axis = 0.7v
y = 0.752 z = 0.846 (had 2 motors connected together) e1 = 0.763 and e2 = 0.795v, it was working correctly, with the 42hd6021-03 motors - which have 1.5a

I mounted the mpcnc with engines 17hs4401s with 1.7a
but they don’t work just give a jerk (small movement) and stop, I’ve already increased vref to 1.1v to check and don’t move, and I’ve tried to move the engine disconnected from the structure also without success,
I installed the old 3D printer marlin and everything works, but the mpcnc marlin does not work can someone help me?

What board is it?

MKP V1 ou nome comercial hictop Printer Control Board MKS Base V1.3

Are you sure the motors coils are connected in the right order?


Another possible problem would be if the firmware was not configured to work without a temperature sensor. We used to have to hack it with a resistor or Marlin wouldn’t move. But I think that has been fixed more recently, as long as you don’t turn the extruder heater on.

Agree with Jeff, except for the thermister part…that would bring up a mintemp error…check your motor coils with a multimeter, find the two pairs with resistance between them and place them together in the 4 way plug…like this

ei queimei 1 drive , por isso vou trocar a placa, obrigado pela ajuda, vou usar arduino uno e cnc shield vamos ver