Endstop Questions - MPCNC Primo

Alright, So I’ve started building my first MPCNC and have come to the wiring portion. I have tried reading through the guide as well as scanning the forum with no luck on my question.

I am running the Rambo controller and plan to run it with the dual motor control. This portion I understand as connecting each stepper independent of one another.

Where I am hung up at the moment is the limit switches. The kit came with 4 micro switches, but shouldn’t I have more? 2 for each x/y stepper and 2 for the z axis? I see mounting locations on the X/Y trucks for the home position, but where are the ones for max? And I see nothing for the Z axis.

Help would be appreciated.

Z axis needs a touch plate not endstop.

Tiny Touch Plate – V1 Engineering Inc.

Endstops aren’t to limit the travel. They are used to square the machine. They are ignored anytime other than when homing.

So there are two for X (one at min for each motor) and two for Y (one at min for each motor). The only useful Z is a touch plate, which will help you adjust the Z.

The machine won’t hurt itself if it hits a physical limit. The motors will skip steps first.

Not directly related to your question, but forum has seen posts of quality issues with the endstop wires. They are shipped with the Rambo board by Ultimachine. The crimp on the spade connector ends up on the insulation instead of the wire, so the spade connectors are not connected to the wire. If you have the ability to test for continuity, consider testing your endstop wires before installing them.

I’ve become a big fan of sensorless homing… I have endstops on my mpcnc and run my lowrider sensorlesss. I far prefer sensorless both for ease of build and reliability.

The endstops for me just create another potential point of failure.The DuPont connectors can work their way loose or the endstop bumper falls off the belt (burly).

Anyway if you have the tmc drivers id give it a try.

Thanks for the Insights guys, I’ll keep these things in mind as I finish up build and start attempting control. already grabbed some different wiring for endstops just to be on the safe side. I did manage to find information I was looking for here Auto Squaring and Independent Software Endstops -Merged on Both Marlin Versions! | V1 Engineering Inc with the lines right above the video explaining the endstop connections to the controller.