Endmill getting clogged when cutting polycarbonate

I’m new to the MPCNC and I’ve recently tried doing a cut in polycarbonate. I’m using this single-flute bit: https://amzn.to/2nNnD16 and I’m cutting at 8mm/s with 0.5mm deep passes. I noticed that plastic seemed to be building up on the endmill throughout the cut, and eventually it had formed a pretty big blob that seems to be quite stuck: https://bit.ly/2OItWym How can I remove the plastic from my endmill and how can this problem be prevented?

Lots of ways to do it but you have any combination of, not deep enough per pass, not traveling fast enough, too high RPM. You need to make chips big enough to come out of the cut and bring the heat with them. Too small and they just stay and melt. How are your wood cuts looking?

You should be able to crack it off with pliers.

Full depth of cut, trochoidal cuts if you can manage it. Lost of air assist, either blowing or sucking, just get the chips out of the cut.