End stop switch mount screw size

I ordered dual end stops with my kit. The mounting screws that came with it are the ones shown in the picture in the assembly instructions. They appear to be #3 pan head machine stews. The instructions call for #3 wood screws. The screws provided fit the switch but are too small for the hole in the truck.
I think my choices are:

  1. make the holes in the truck smaller with some kind of filler and use the provided screws.
  2. order #3 wood screw witch may work
  3. drill out the switch to accommodate the #4 screw I actually have and will work in the hole in the truck.
    Any thoughts?

I used loctite glue on my build when encountering holes that were too loose for documented bolts/screws to fit.

So loctite will act as a filler also?

Yep, I think so, from LowRider CNC V3 - V1 Engineering Documentation (LowRider doc, but figure this’d apply to most builds)
“If you do happen to strip out the screw holes, a drop of nearly any glue or LocTite on the threads will fix it.”

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Awesome! Thanks.
Was afraid I would have to buy a pack of 100 screws to get 8.

You’re welcome. Full disclosure… I just woke up, am decaffeinated, and have only built a LowRider.

Curious which doc instruction you were referencing earlier? In 3-Trucks - V1 Engineering Documentation I see, “M2.5 x 12 screws (or #3 x ½” wood screws)” my interpretation of the V1E writings is that M2.5 x 12 screws actually means M2.5x12mm bolts.

From MPCNC Build Kit - Primo Version – V1 Engineering Inc looks like the kit intentionally comes with some M2.5 bolts and M3 bolts. I’d expect the kit’s M2.5 bolt to fit, but would shove some glue in if the occasional bolt was loose. If many of my bolts are loose, I’d start to ask questions about my 3D printer settings/calibration and investigate what’s happening there.

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I was reading the #3 x 1/2" wood screw. According to Goodle the OD of those would be fine in the switch body. Unfortunately the holes in the trucks were big enough for the screws to go to the bottom with out interference. All the other holes in my prints fit the bolts without slop. If anything my overall recommended test prints I did before starting this project had holes that were on the slightly small side. Anyway the super glue has currently got everything permanent so cross your fingers.

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