EMT OD Question

Okay, so I’m in Canada. I printed the 25.4mm files awhile back. I’m now at the point of building everything so I need to get the conduit. My problem is, the OD is actually either slightly too big or slightly too small. My question is, would it make a huge difference or where should I source from? I do live in a border town so I can go to the States or order from but options are limited I hear. Any suggestions guys?

What kind of numbers are you talking here? Make sure to rotate and take several measurements as we are not dealing with high tolerance rails.

Isn’t the 25.4mm stuff for 1 inch tube? Conduit is measured by inside diameter.

The 3/4” here is 23.4mm and the 1” is actually 29.4mm. Like I said, I already had the 25.4mm parts printed. I’m thinking the 3/4” should be fine as that’s 2mm slip which doesn’t seem like much but I want to make sure before purchasing and cutting then repurchasing xD

I can order thicker walled 1” OD steel pipe but it’s definitely more expensive. I’m just trying to weigh my options here

25.4 is for 1 inch tube, not the same as conduit or pipe. 2mm slip won’t work at all.

Be careful, pipe (like conduit) has a nominal size that is quite a bit different from the actual size. Tube is quoted on the actual dimensions, OD, ID, wall thickness.

Pipe and tube are very much not the same thing. Use care with your terminology or you could easily end up with the wrong stuff.

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Thanks, yeah, it’s 1” steel tube I’d be ordering. And it does specify 1” OD

It will be stiffer, so at least it’s worth the added expense.