dxf2gcode - A quick, simple open source app for vector(dxf,pdf) laser engraving

I’ve been playing around with dxf2gcode lately and find it to be the quickest and easiest software to use for laser engraving of vector files like dxf and pdf. It has some nice features like origin setting, scaling, tool path optimizing, etc… I was planning to modify the software but have found that it works great just as it is. The only thing that needs to be done is a one-time editing of the post processor and config files to set your default feed rate and your “start cut” and “end cut” commands which will be your laser on/off gcodes. Give it a try, I think you’ll like it. Congrats to the authors for a well-done tool. Link to GitHub below:


I’m also attaching my config and post processor files but please note that I’m using M03 S2048 / M05 for my laser commands because I’m running modified firmware. You’ll need to replace with M106 S255 / M107 or whatever you’re using. I’ve added a dwell command to my “start cut” line but you can remove if you want. I like my machine to “settle” before starting the next path. Using is simple.Just open a file and select “export” from the menu and either “Export shapes” or “Optimize and Export”.

The config and post processor files go in the config and postpro_config folders in the installation path.


dxf2gcode-configuration.zip (2.84 KB)

I think we need a separate laser forum. I need to get all this info together somewhere.

Thanks again!