Dust shoe adapter LR3


I must have missed something with regards to the dust shoe.

Am using a 32mm hose that fitted perfectly on the LR2. But on the LR3 there is no such adapter in the print files.

Does any have a link to the adapter?

When you are in the low rider3 documents, go down to the tool mounts section, after printed parts, it is highlighted in red for Makita or Dewalt .
Touch / click on it to go to files

I just drew up a little doughnut shape. The OD is matching the LR3 dust shoe, and the ID was from my measurement of my hose. I tapered the sides a couple of degrees and made it 15mm high. It seems to work well for me. I think I posted the STL on my LR3 PLOG.

Gotta build ‘em all! LR3 PLOG

unfortunately , only the dust shoe is listed, but no adaptors for the hoses.
The dimensions have changed between LR2 & LR3.

I browsed the whole topic, but AFAIK the file hasn´t been linked :slight_smile:

Ugh. I know I linked it somewhere, but it’s a really simple part. It is just a cylinder the size of the LR3 Vac hose opening, with a hole the size of the LR2 hose. Because different manufacturers, entirely possible that though your hose fit over the LR2 fitting it may not fit inside my part. I will see if I actually saved the CAD anywhere


Looking for a Vac hose to dust shoe adapter?
Seen Purple-black-rainbow LR3 🤷‍♂️ , build video @ https://youtu.be/FJ7nYio8oOE - #56 by azab2c ?

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Fair enough! No need to look for it. I should just get my hands dirty, was just wondering why that change happened without documentation about it.

[quote=“Aza B2C, post:6, topic:37571, username:azab2c”]
Looking for a Vac hose to dust shoe adapter?
[/quote] thanks for the pointer, going to check it out. There are a lot of hidden gems in the forum :slight_smile:

ok, found an easy solution by using a standard “cuff ring” that goes from 50 to 32.
With a bith of squeezing it takes a 38mm vac hose. It is a solid fit with the LR3 dust shoe.


Do you have a link for this?

Am sorry, I haven´t been around for a while, suspect you´ve found a solution?