Dual Endstops "jitters" in endstops

Hi everyone,

I’ve been very happily been using my MPCnC with a knife to cut paper and foil templates. I wanted to go dual endstops and added the endstops, flashed the new firmware from the branch, checked my endstops with M119 and then triggered a homing with G28 X.

I was surprised when the carriages hit the endstops, but the motors didn’t stop turning. The carriages repeatedly hit the endstops. I quickly turned the power off and repeated the procedure, however manually triggered the endstops, while the carriages were still far away. The carriages stopped correctly.

I’m flumoxed. Any ideas? Will be checking the switches, to see If that has an influence.

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Make sure they are on the correct side, X1 with X1. Each endstop should get hit twice, it is called a bump. This increases accuracy.



I don’t know how many time i checked the endstop wiring, never did it occur to me, to crosscheck with the motors! That was it! Thank you!

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