Dragon's Lair Arcade Cabinet 2.0 (Back At It Again.....)

You’re most welcome man! Don’t forget to show it off! Can’t wait to see it all completed!


Almost there. Just got my Golden Age arcade harness. Do you recall what color wire went on the + and - terminals of the speakers? Or does it matter? Thats the only thing that wasn’t labeled and I contacted Ken (harness maker) and he didn’t know either. Thanks!

I noticed that too, I just hooked them up and made sure they sounded good. Shaun Wood told me how to check for which one was the + and which was the - but I can’t find that email again to save my life. And there’s no color identifier in the schematics either. Someone mentioned, that it didn’t have a specific polarity, so like I said, I just tossed them on there.

I’m actual in contact with Shaun in an email, I will ask him. As usual, you have been a great help! Got my Shroud coming now too!

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It doesn’t really matter. Speaker input is AC in nature. It can matter that they be the same if there are 2 or more speakers. Symptoms of having them reversed are weak bass response and maybe indistinct sound location.

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Shaun will hook you with the info! Did you go with a Ms Pac shroud?

Right! Exactly! With the speakers in the Dragon’s Lair, not sure you’d even notice a lack of bass. They’re just little 50w 8" full range. They’re more like intercom speakers honestly. I put the wires on both ways to test, and there wasn’t any noticeable difference haha!

I did, I got a ms pac-man and it worked great! Now with my next question LOL. I am on my second Arthur board and getting error messages still. Shaun has been on vacation (though still trying to help) but I am trying to figure out why it won’t boot! (E2, then E10) How is your harness grounded? Is every ground daisy chained to the same spot? With my limited knowledge, I can only assume its my grounds somehow?? I have the same harness as you. Can you tell me how your is grounded and where? Thanks!

I will have a look in the morning. We’re on our property again, will head back home tomorrow morning.

From memory, I know one ground is on the metal plate that the PCB mounts on. I’m pretty sure one is on the fan mounting bolt, and also on the speaker panel. But I’ll confirm when I get back home.

Seems like I terminated them out where they landed.

Let me check those errors and see which ones they are.

Shaun got back to me. He found what was causing the issue he thinks. The grounding isnt the issue, it is the second board. The wait to play DL continues!

Ahhhh man do I know that “wait” very well. If ya read the entire build thread, you know I waited over a year!!! Shaun was a tremendous help through that wait. I had my original PCB that had an issue with the sound chip, but the sound chip on a DL pcb actually controls the dip switch banks, which is why I was unable to play. The repair place took right at a year to figure it out and get it back to me. I had given up hope, and just ordered an Arthur from Shaun. Then, almost the same day that my Arthur came in, my original PCB came back! I ended up just using the Arthur so I could play all the games without changing roms every time. I can relate to your frustration!! But have no fear, Shaun is VERY quick on the repairs/return shipping!