Done my MPCNC!

I moved a few months ago and my 24"x24" - 23.5mm EMT V2 build had some broken pieces. Rather than replace just the broken parts I figured I’d do a complete rebuild using 24mm stainless steel and the new burly parts. I’m much happier with how I went about things this time.

A few things I changed/learned from my first build:

  • Used the tape measure trick for cable management rather than an overhead post, much cleaner
  • Lower the Z height to 3.5" (My first build I was planning on 3d printing as well, so went with an 8" height… yeah… no)
  • Went with the dual endstop firmware and wiring, I did quite a few tool changes and I think this will be a benefit
  • I was super conscience of over tightening screws. There really isn’t any need to crank down on stuff.
  • used a 0.8mm nozzle for quite a few of the parts as an experiment. The tolerances were good and it significantly sped up print times

Next steps is learning how to use the dual endstops to my advantage.


Looks awesome!

I was thinking about using a bigger nozzle with my prints (used 0.4 mm, have 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0 nozzles though). As this will be my first go around I decided to stick with 0.4 as I haven’t printed much in larger nozzles. If I ever get to a LowRider or maybe ZenXY or something else I will likely use a larger nozzle.


So glad to hear it!!

Your first four bullet points, I need to add that to the instructions at the beginning of every page. I think you are really going to like the way it all works now. Should be significantly more awesome!

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