DOC for planing

Hey there, I bought a planing endmill, but I can’t find any advice on the DOC. I bought this one: in 16mm VHM. Can I go 3mm DOC in wood?

You have to test it out. It will depend on your machine and the feedrate.

So it is theoretically possible. I was not sure about those if they can only go, like, 1mm max or sth. :slight_smile: Thanks. It’s pretty soft wood.

3mm DOC and 10mm/s is going to be a lot different than 3mm DOC and 3mm/s. But I don’t see any reason you can’t cut at 3mm DOC. Also important will be your plunge angle (it doesn’t look good at plunging) and stepover.

I had the settings at 3mm DOC and 1000mm/min, went down to 2mm and 600mm/min as well as 45% plunge. Thanks, gonna try it later. :slight_smile:

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I realize it’s 2 days later…
Not sure if it applies to a softer wood but on a recent hardwood plane I was scorching the wood until I reduced the router rpm and increased the feed rate. Took a little trial and error. I ended up at 1mm DOC and 45mm/s with a "2 1/2"ish (12K/13K) on the Makita. Pretty sure my bit was cheaper than yours too. That probably makes a difference.
This was the result at .5mm DOC and 15mm/s with 22Kish rpm. Smelled like a campfire.

Thanks, will keep that in mind. 45mm/s is like, really fast. Can the MPCNC even go that fast? It’s like 2700mm/min. I had mine run at max 2000 yet.

And it’s not too late, I have got 3 kids and two other projects I am working on. :smiley:

Yea, it can go that fast, the question is “can it go that fast accurately?”

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I hear you!

I actually don’t know the true top speed. I saw that 30 was faster than 15 and I think 45 was faster than 30. I was changing rpm at the same time too so it’s not a clean test I suppose. I’m running a Lowrider 2.
There’s this race going on right now: Cnc race!
They might find out :slight_smile:

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The really important question is “can it go that fast safely?”

Ironically, that was the reason I sped it up. Going too slow looked like it wanted to start a fire. Speeding it up ended up with good chips and a clean surface.