Dibond material - can cutting ?

Hello everyone, any of you have ever milled the “dibond” material with aluminum coating (laminate)?

I discovered this material that seems very durable but I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried and with that bit on dremel / DeWall etc.

There are particular problems?

Not me, but that’s what he’s cutting. He’s using a “roughing” bit though, so it’s not going to leave the smoothest finish. The aluminum is pretty thin, so I’d just use the cut speeds from the feeds and speeds thread.

Thanks Barry, I had not thought to look for videos with the word “composite”…

I will try the set of suitable bit to try to work some special material … although I think my dremel clone does not have great strength :smiley:

If you’re using a dremel, look at trochoidal milling.

is the method of removal of material in which the tool turns on itself as it goes along … correct?

It is used for milling poor tools?

but how can I configure this methodology? sw in the CAM? Even in ESTLCAM?

Yea, it should help your dremel cut a little better. It’s function is to cut “soft” materials, so plastics and soft metals like aluminum and brass. It gives the cutter a little more cooling off time between cuts. In estlcam on the tool list click on view and select all the trochoidal settings. You can hover over them to get an idea of what they do. I haven’t found a good video of how to set up this kind of cutting yet, so I’m not 100% sure what settings to use. I used the defaults when I cut out some acrylic and it worked pretty well.

I found this video that I think explains it …

composite or special materials such as plexi should you first try it this way ??

thanks for the help

[min 4.32 video]

I would. Plexi is a pain in the ass to cut. It will just melt if you don’t have the settings perfect, then it will snap your bit off.

I had done the test to see how he behaved the plexi in contact with the bit … and in fact merged making processing impossible. :slight_smile: For now I will simply try that trochoidal milling method and then change my tool … can be the right way Barry? Thanks