Dewalt chord catching on stepper

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but I had a cut ruined because of the Dewalt chord the other day. The way the chord was coming off of the machine allowed the hard rubber boot to catch on the stepper motor as it came toward the side of the machine. It’s stiff enough that the stepper motors couldn’t overcome it and caused a lot of missed steps.

Simple enough fix, but just thought others might want to be aware.

I took the quick disconnect collet button thingy off the end of my dewalt. When I put it back together, I turned it 90 so the cord pops out the front instead.


Since you aren’t throwing it in the back of a pickup or toolbox, you can also remove that strain relief part. If you open it up, the part can just slide farther down the cord, toward the plug.

+1 for this. Jeffe mentioned it before and I tried it, and it’s great. I used to have a strait jacket for the rubber boot, strapping it down instead of up, and I no longer need that.

I’ll try pulling the boot out later today. I’m considering adding a metal angle piece across the Y axis and running the chord down that instead of letting it flop around. I bought a new shop vac hose just for the MPCNC and I’m also thinking about zip tying the chord to the shop vac hose, but I use the hose to vacuum the table after a job, so that might not work.