Design software that outputs GCODE for SKR-PRO board - Marlin

what software should/could I use that will generate proper gcode for say cutting a sign with a depth .

Nothing fancy, Fusion 360 ? Inkscape ?

I ran the crown test yesterday and that worked perfect. My attempt at using Easel with OTHER for machine did not result in any printing/cutting at all. I saw somewhere that it is not in the correct gcode format/ commands that SKR-PRO/Marlin can handle.

Any other software in between design and output to gcode file needed ?

I want to be able to create simple signs with different fonts, carve/cut these on my MPCNC .

Any help will be great.


I would make the paths/design with inkscape, you then bring it into estlcam and make the depths.

We have a page for software workflow and milling basics.