Cutting board with bird inlay (purple heart, black walnut, maple)

Now also oiled, waxed and polished. The birds are kind of tiny and could have been better, but I guess now after filling all the gaps only I can see that. :stuck_out_tongue: I really like how it turned out, especially the patterns of the wood. If you turn it, it looks a bit like those high curch windows. :smiley:


Stunner! :sunglasses:

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Beautiful! Nice job.

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This time I didn’t even forget the tag. :stuck_out_tongue:

A banana might help (for scale).
Jokes aside it would be nice to have something to give us an appreciation for how tiny.

Don’t sweat that - after a few months of being hacked with a meat cleaver even you won’t notice. It looks fantastic, and the patterns in the grain are sensational.

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Amazing dude love the grain and the inlay.

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WOW! Nice!

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Hi Philipp,
your work is amazing!

Can you give us an tutorial how to make these Inlays in estlecam?


Thanks. I am getting better. :yum:

The tutorial is right here:



Awesome! Thank you for your work!

Which router bits do you use?


The big dove was done with a 6mm 2-fluted and a 30° endmill, the little birds with a 3.175mm and 10.4° endmill.