Cut size not same as Drawing size

Just got my machine up and running. Unsure where to start looking for the soulution. I’m using everything from Vicious. No end stops. I verified the shunts are in place under the drivers. I drew a box (freecad) 60x60 with a cut depth of 15mm. A hole in the middle of it R12.4 cut depth 10mm. My finished product was 95.25mm sq x 38.1mm hole 3-5 mm deep. When moving the DFX to estlcam it looked like the correct size (25.4 grid). My G code indicates the correct distance movements. Any help would be appreciated.

If it manually moves the correct distance, it has got to be a gcode thing. Zip it and upload it, maybe even your part.

See attached zip. I don’t think it manually moves the correct distance either. that is where i first noticed the issue. When cutting “hold down hardware” grooves in my bed I wasn’t getting one to one readings. I’m a electro mechanical inspector by trade so measurements aren’t foreign to me. I just don’t know where to look for answers. Thanks for your help. (534 Bytes)

You got everything from me and it doesn’t move the correct distance manually?

the only thing that didn’t come from you was the 660 spindle and conduit.