cracked parts :(

Hit a snag while working on my latest project.

I was noticing that I was getting really nasty chatter. I kept adjusting my feeds and nothing was helping. Yesterday I took some time to go tighten up some bolts as it looked like the XY gantry was wobbling.

When to tighten one of the bolts and saw nothing but cracks around it.

Looks like I’ll be printing a new gantry soon.

Waaaay too tight! ?

Original parts from when I built the machine almost 2 years ago. This picture was taken BEFORE I went to put a wrench on them.

This brings up questions, though…

What parts do I need to print to replace the entire XY with the new Burly parts? Will the new Burly parts still work with the old leadscrew setup?

You need all the center and Z parts. Lots of printing, super worth it, promise!

Started printing the z parts and a new spacer this morning.

Then I have the two XYZ and XY parts to print. If I run the printer continuous, it should be done by tomorrow evening. Hoping to start the install this weekend.

One question never answered… will I still be able to us the threaded rod parts? I never switched over to the lead screw setup.

New z-axis parts complete.

Here’s the time-lapse of the parts printing:

Shoot, no. Or at least I never made a nut holder for it, that is all that is needed to make it work, without switching.

Then I assume my nut holder won’t fit on the new design… :frowning:

Looking at the design. I think all I need to do is modify the spacer to embed a nut into it. Then wedge the nut in the spacer using the XYZ bracket to brace the other side of the nut.

Exactly, if you are using the previously recommended nut or the one that came with my kit it should just fit (I think). It will not work with the longer ones some people were using, that is the whole reason I didn’tt make that pocket nut shaped.

Well. I guess we’ll see which nut holder I have when I start assembling the new gantry. Worse case, I’ll design a new one and put it up on thingiverse for us ‘retro’ guys still holding on to out dated technologies.

Haha… awesome… 10 minutes left on the end of a 3 hour print and the power flickers enough to reset the machine. First time that’s every happened. Maybe I should get a UPS for it.

Got the XYZ parts printed.

Just need to print the two XY parts now


Got the last XY part printed last night. My little, highly modified, Geeetech Aluminum printer has been really consistent with PLA lately. I’m hoping I can get the gantry swapped out this weekend, but I also want to get a new workbench built. Not sure I can get to both projects.

I need to try to print one of these(smaller) parts at .02mm just for giggles.

Sounds like someone has too much time on their hands…

Well, I can crank up the speed a little. Still waiting for a new extruder stepper. The e3d stepper I have is a little underpowered. You need a really flat build surface though.

[attachment file=109183]
.2mm on left, .02mm on right. Took 45 minutes. I messed up on the .02 with the top shells. Should have told it 2mm, not 2 layers.

Almost have the gantry swapped out. You can see where the old pieces cracked over time. That would explain the issues I’ve been having with chatter and a semi-loose gantry.

All I have left to do is solder the steppers back together, square up the gantry, and re-tension the belts. I need to stop and buy some zip ties on the way home for that.

Good news is… The old nut holder for the threaded rod fits the new burly parts.