Cork Gaskets

FWIW - After a bit of experimenting I was able to get a nice clean cut on some rubberized cork gasket material both 1/16" and 1/8" thick. I used double sided tape to hold it down. I thought I’d share my settings in case anyone else comes across a need for a hard to find replacement gasket.

1/8" 2-flute straight cut bit, HSS
max RPM on my Dewalt 611 router, 27000 RPM
800 mm/m feed
Conventional cut, not climb cut
1 pass, full depth


Awesome and very useful. I added a tag so it is easier to find, thannks for sharing!

That’s pretty slick.


I could really have used something like this when I was building my engine.

Actually, I think the throttle body gasket is still a chunk of cereal box cut with a Stanley knife…


Love it! How have you taken the right measurements to make it fit 100%?

@CircuitFlyer thanks for this topic and your milling details.

Helped me experiment with trying to create a “Bed Snugger” ™ at MP3DP v4 - Aza's build - #132 by azab2c Cheers!

The CAD design for the gasket was made by importing a photo of the housing flange into sketch in Onshape. The image was scaled to match some key dimensions of the original part and then a new sketch was overlaid on top of the photo. A fairly simple method of reverse engineering. The g-code was created using the Kiri:moto plugin in Onshape.