Core wont tighten

how to upload videos?

The server doesn’t let you upload videos. Just upload them to a site that specializes in that kind of thing (youtube, for example) and post a link.

Not sure what your question is beyond that.

Ok the core part diameter is 24.5 and outer rails r all 23.5mm.theres a hella alit of play on the gantry.heres the link to the video … [quote=“verveg, post:1, topic:26846, full:true”]
how to upload videos?

Video of my problem.just got to put http// before youtu to watch it.i don’t have permission to post links

That looks like way too much play. Did you print the C version?

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I didn’t print it I bought it that won’t let me post links

Bought it from v1 and was told to make a post here for help.

Here’s the video of the problem

Those are just way too loose, IMO. It looks like you have the wrong sized parts for the tubing. If you have 23.5mm conduit, then you need the C size. It looks like you have something like the J size.

And what is with that shiny tube? I haven’t seen conduit like that.

It’s 23.5 and 24.5 fits good there but rails take 23.5.was trying to add some size to the tubing but wasn’t gonna be used for final.i paid for the 23.5 size mpcnc and it seems just those take 24.5 tube and was wondering if there’s anything I can do to fix this?My dad’s the 1 who will be putting it together because he’s the deasil mechanic and great hand on fixing things not me

I’ve gotten pipe from lowes and a few other spots still won’t fit core and rails they 2 different sizes

Where did you get the 24.5mm number?

Maybe @vicious1 can help. I think some parts have a tiny C, J, or I on them to show which part version. You might want to double check the order.

Do you have calipers to measure the tubing? That just looks way too loose. And there aren’t any 24.5mm sizes.

There are letters embedded in all the parts. Can you check a clamp and the core please. Clamps are on the inside and the core is on the outer bottom.

What size are those tubes?

Do either of the tubes fit in the trucks and truck clamps?

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My dad used a caliper to measure it and the pipes r 23.5 and he did all the measurements and those rails r the only thing measures have to check tomorrow on the cnc because I’m not there tonight.

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They have a j on them

Can you upload a picture please.

No matter what I do these don’t get tight enough on the rails.theres a gap between the rollers when pipes put in.from the look of it I put everything together right and this isn’t an issue I I’m guessing a j is for another size and I’m suppose to have letter c right?

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Your parts are J, which is for 25.4mm tubing. Not C for the 23.5mm conduit. You either need to get the right printed parts for conduit, or find some 25.4 outer diameter tubing.