Copy in estlcam

So I have an issue that is driving me nuts. If I load up a dxf picture, define my tool paths/lists, create the gcode, load it into Repetier, and print…everything prints fine from either a PC or SD card. (right hand image in pic)

If I take that same work space in Estlcam, highlight the original picture, copy/paste it multiple times (3x), create the gcode, load it into Repetier, and print… I get the left hand image in pic.

The preview looks good in Estcam. Just so you have the magnitude I’ve printed 30 singles with zero failures, soon as I copy a second or third, regen the gcode, print…it goes off the reservation.


I’m not clear on what you are saying. Maybe Zip your Gcode and we can have a look.

So printing the 1up file is perfect every time. If I duplicate the artwork in estlcam (3up file) it doesn’t print correctly. Check out the estlcam files included in the zip, might make more sense.

Z (2.34 MB)

Both files are bad. I’m looking into why.

Your file generated fine in my estlcam, I suggest un installing and reinstalling your estlcam. Your gcode has the cutout at the wrong level, using your e10 file it works fine on mine.

The level is correct. What your seeing in the tool change gcode:

G0 Z0 ; Move Z to material surface
M84 S0 ; Keep motors on forever
M107 ; Stop DW660
G0 Z35 ; Raise spindle for tool change
G92 Z0 ; Reset Z to zero
M18 Z ; Release Z
M00 ; Pause for user
M106 ; Restart DW660

I’m going to create a dfx file with 2 duplicate images and feed that into estlcam. Just seems like the copy is broken somehow. I’ll also uninstall/reinstall 10.13 just in case.


If you are going to use that code for a tool change you should specify your feedrate.