connection and gcode

I cannot get the mpcnc to move via R-Host or Pronterface and will not run files from the SD card. In R-host it looks like it connects but the commands just pile up. Pronterface doesn’t connect at all. My PC device manager lists COM port for Mega 2560. I flashed “MPCNC511_GLCD_T8″(June 2017) and I also have a 100k resistor on T0. The drivers are set to around 0.65V.
I can move all of the axis individually via LCD screen. I tried getting around the connection issue by trying to run the crown gcode file directly from the SD card. The LCD screen displays that there is no SD card but when I go into that menu I can view and scroll through the files on the SD card. When I scroll down to the gcode file and push the LCD knob for selection nothing happens. The LCD screen goes back to the info menu after selecting the gcode file. Just to note, the X, Y, and Z axis labels displayed on the LCD screen blink between the axis label and a question mark (i.e. ‘X’,’?’,’X’,’?’…). The image of an extruder(?) is displayed on the upper left portion of the screen with two temps. 0 and 175.
Any ideas?

I gave you a reply in your other thread.