Confused re: CNC firmware

I bought a SKR Pro kit with TFT screen from the website. When I boot up, the UI is all geared towards a 3D printer. I thought it must have been the wrong firmware by accident, so I reflashed to

But I still get 3D printer commands on the screen. If I go into Marlin mode it seems like I have the functions I need, I’ve been able to zero out and do the crown test. But I’m not understanding why I’m not getting the right UI on the TFT screen.

Not sure what I’m missing here, do I need to reflash the screen itself? I tried that too but got the same UI as before. Maybe I didn’t choose the right one? There’s a lot of options in the TFT package.

This is normal. BTT’s market for these screens is overwhelmingly to 3D printer users.

Ryan and crew used to try and make customizations, but BTT won’t take them upstream. That makes it just about impossible to maintain the custom version.

So, instead of doing a ton of extra work that only a few people are bothered by, we just live with the fact.
The BTT product has 3D printer related functions that are not of any use on a CNC machine.


Huh. I thought that might be the case, but then I can’t find other functions like zeroing out my coordinates, auto-home, etc.
Guess I’ll do some more digging, I like being able to use touchscreen rather than Marlin mode.

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Zeroing out coordinates is generally a macro calling G92 X0Y0 or maybe G10 L20 X0Y0 depending on firmware. This is probably set up as a macro with the V1 firmware package on the TFT. Some other CNC specific functions are likely also in the macro menu. Probing the work for Z zero tool changes, maybe.

The auto-square is homing, and should be in the homing menu.

It’s usable, once you get used to it, it’s even pretty good.

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