Confirming part dimensions - C-Roller.stl 07-13-16

Hello all!

Apologies if this is known, I was not able to find a discussion related to it. I am currently building the 23.5mm AKA 3/4" OD conduit version of the MPCNC. I may also not actually have a problem, but I wanted to double check before i continue on bolting everything in place.

I am assembling the X and Y axis, and the C-Roller and C-Roller-M components both seem to have a larger diameter space for the conduit than the other peices I have printed and when assembled with bolts and bearings, seems to ride very loosely even on unsanded 3/4" conduit. The feet, motor mounts, Z axis parts etc all fit quite snugly and required the very lightest sanding to glide incredibly smoothly but do not slide around the axis of the conduit, while the C-Roller parts clatter loosely on the very same conduit and swing around it’s axis loosely.

When I import the C-Roller component into CAD software and measure, it does indeed report that the conduit hole is a 27mm diameter space, while the other parts have a space for the conduit that is both 23.5mm in CAD as well as after printing. Putting calipers to the printed parts confirm the same.

All of these bits are printed on the same printer, but they have also been the same parts listed on Thingiverse since 2016, so I assume they can’t be the wrong ones or someone would have noticed this before my newbishness came along. Are those parts supposed to be much looser?

Am I worried about nothing? It would be great if I was worried about nothing.


Please feel free to delete this thread. I failed to install all of the bearings on the part, I only had 3.

Don’t feel bad, I did the same thing! Even asked why it was so sloppy, then felt bad when I bugged Ryan and got the obvious stated to me.

I can say I’ve learned lots since then, thanks to some great support here.

Look forward to seeing your build!