Hi. I just finish building my MPCNC and I’m trying to make my first cut. I’m using Estlcam v10 with Repetier-Host. Some how, with the setting I have, I’m cutting air and I’m not sure how to fix it.

I think I have my configurations wrong somehow… So far, everything seems to be connected properly. The Axis moves to the directions in Repetier Host - had to invert Y & Z in the settings. It works in Repetier Host, but when printing, it doesn’t move according to the path in the program. Also it cuts air and not the acrylic. It behaves this way with the Y and/or Z axis are inverted. I don’t think inverting it have any effect when printing/cutting.

I’ve attached my setting in both Estlcam & Repetier Host and have included the wiring diagram I used for the stepper motors. I’m not sure what is relevant.

Any help with this would be well appreciated.

Here’s a run down of my MPCNC build.

  • 25.4 mm conduits
  • Geeetech Nema 17 Stepper Motors:
    • 1.8 step angle
    • 2 phase
    • 57 g.cm² rotor inertia
    • 3.75V rated
    • 1.5A rated
    • 500 mN.m holding torque
  • Geekcreit RAMPS 1.4 + Adruino Mega 2650 R3 Kit
  • Geekcreit Stepstick DRV8825 Stepper Driver
  • WEN 2305 Rotary Tool (using with flex shaft) (temporary)
  • DC12V, 6A Power Supply Adaptor
  • M8 Treaded Rod (not sure the threading but see attached image)
  • Sizing info attached


Try my crown test file, that will eliminate any issues on your software. My file should work perfect.

The inverting thing sounds bad, normally you flip the plug on the stepper, it is linked on the same page as the crown.


Parallel, why not series?

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“Z axis origin”… Should that be something other than “machine bed”? It seems like that would think the z=0 is the top of your spoil board, and it should be the top of the work.

Ryan is right to try the crown. That will test the machine and rh. If that works, then look at the EstlCAM settings and try again.

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Also, stay away from the CNC controller settings. That will reprogram it with the EstlCAM firmware.

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Thanks guys… I will try them. I followed the Crown demo, but stop short of printing a pen holder. Anyways, I printed one and I’ll try it.

I thought parallel was the recommended way. I will try to redo them in series after trying the Crown demo. You know I was going to purchase the wire harness from your website, but you were out at the time.



I had it with “Workpiece top side” as well, but the same problem.

Yeah, this shows that setting as “Material upper side”, which is almost certainly fix your air problem.

If you don’t need it to look nice, you can just use some rubber bands and attach a marker. It won’t work as nice, but it will be good enough for a test.

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Haha, Simultaneous posts. Hmmm. That sounds right, so yeah, get the crown working first.

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I don’t have that option, or perhaps it is the same as “Workpiece top side”… I’m using Estlcam 10.

[attachment file=48563]

I re-wired the steppers to series and did a drawing of my logo. It worked great. Thank you very much. Plan to try cutting tomorrow…

One thing though. There’s now a sound coming from the motors. Not all the time, but just as they’re turned on and for a few minutes. Some times they’re quite when turned on and then the sound after awhile. It’s not a load noise. Like a low hum. Any idea why?

They’re always activated when holding position. Depending on where in the step they’re sitting they’ll sing a little. Nothing to worry about.