I’m gathering my parts and beginning the assembly now. I have everything but the end mill bits and the conduit. Can anyone suggest a good assortment of bits for a beginner? Perhaps a good carbide kit? As for my conduit I plan a on starting with EMT conduit for the outer rails as I have printed 2 supports for my 30" span for the Y axis and 1 support for my 24" span X axis. Is upgrading the spindle rails to stainless a good move for rigidity if I am not using complete stainless? I am looking to have this as solid as I can.



You haven’t really said what you plan on doing with it?

In general a 30" is fine with emt and no supports.

There really isn’t a beginner assortment of bits, they are all pretty specific to the material they are designed for. There are bits in the shop or plenty available online, don’t really know of a brick and mortar shop that sell them though.

Most likely I’ll be using mostly medium to hardwoods and aluminum. I have a few friends that want me to build them some signs for their small businesses once I get some work under my belt and feel comfortable and confident enough. Going to be interesting to see how well my knowledge transfers from 3d printing over. Need to be able to make built in mounts for some arduinos, leds, and some speakers lol.

Well the lengths I gave are my actual usable area. According to the calculators my actual tube lengths will 34.4 in by 40.4 in. Is this still of a size to not need support along the rails for rigidity? If I don’t need them and can use EMT alone I could have it up and running this weekend and not have to wait for more parts. I’ll order some bits from your site to get me started

Try it first add supports if you feel you need them.