Conduit dimensions - best practice for best results

Hi All,

So I just bought my kit.
As I eagerly await the postman, Im looking at conduit amongst other interesting stuff.
I will be buying 25mm OD 1.5mm Stainless Steel conduit and I am thinking of going for working dimensions of 500x500x100.
This translates into conduit dimensions of 764X 764Y and 290Z - Is this ok for keeping a good level of accuracy?

My main use will be laser cutting and 3D printing. I am thinking of keeping both on the machine at all times so I don’t have to swap heads. I want to get a good accuracy but also some height for making 3D parts.

Any thoughts?

Hello Joao,

Might be good to check here
Maybe also this one

(Im not crazy just thinking that it might help out the next one that shows up)

Now for Everyone again, and if someone already asked this, please let me know.

Does the area being square affect in any way the accuracy? has anyone encountered a detriment in using a rectangular arrangement?

After determining some project I would like to cut with the machine my intended overall area is 864mm on the x; 664mm on the y; and working height of 100mm


Shape does not matter, The shorter any axis can be the better.

Well, shape doesn’t matter as long as it’s still a rectangle… A parallelogram or trapezoid wouldn’t work well. :slight_smile: