Computer not connecting

I have encountered a number of issues with my MPCNC build. I have made a topic and had some help on it. I recently had to get a new Arduino to fix some problems. Now I have encountered more problems so I am making a new topic.

I have bought a new Arduino and uploaded the code and tried to move to motors and print. I have run into several problems. The first problem is when I move the motors they sound like they are moving but I can’t tell if they are moving or not. This could be so they are moving just not enough for me to notice. The second problem is when I try to print the extruder heats up and then it starts trying to print after round two seconds it just almost like pauses. My third problem is that I can’t connect to my computer. I plug it in and windows makes a sound like something is connected so but when I push connect on Repitiar Host it says “No port available for auto select! Please connect your computer first!” When I go in to select a port nothing comes up except for Auto. Could anyone help?

Here is the link to the previous topic to see the problems I have encountered.