Commenting out the LCD part... Maybe I'll get one if I get it up and running

I realize now this going to be a two parter.

Note: I’ve already tried downgrading the arduino IDE down to 1.6.5. Please let me know if I also need to go lower.

Q1. Can someone show me some images of what I need to comment out and on what file? I’ve tried commenting out some things on Configuration.h and the library name of U8glib.h on the main .ino file. but I’m clearly missing something.

Q2. How worth it is the LCD screen? is it worth it if only for the addition of the SD card?

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers advice or help,

If you got the ramps from me it is preflashed. If you don’t have a screen you can still flash the lcd enabled firmware just add the ug8lib to your arduino library. If you want to comment it out look at the config.h towards the bottom and look for “reprap discount full graphic lcd //mpcnc” then just add “//” to the front of that one line like the rest you will see it change color.

Non need to use and older arduino ide the current works fine.

Sorry I forgot the detail of I bought this from a 3rd party unflashed. There is no config.h file there is a configuration.h or is it in configuration_adv.h.

Also I searched for reprap discount full graphic lcd //mpcnc using the internal search function and it couldn’t find anything. Maybe a line number might help me.

Thanks again for your help.

Sorry I abbreviate because I spend too much time at the desk.

@John, did you get the Marlin firmware from here?:


In the configuration.h in that zip, you can find the line that Ryan highlighted. Then flash that software.

If you want the LCD enabled (even if you don’t have the screen yet) you can leave the configuration.h alone, and just make sure you have ug8lib installed as a library in the arduino tool you’re using.

I did get it from the site. I’m going to follow vicious on image when I get home. do you need to have the LCD screen to use an SD card so you don’t need a computer or does having the combo just make it easier to do?

The lcd has the sd card reader built in. Would be kind of hard to select what file you want to cut without the screen.