Combine dxf files into one layed out gcode?

hello hello all

jut grabbed some dxf files for an arcade machine

i thought they would be layed out on one fullsheet file
but it turns out they are all seperate dxf files

is there anyway to
lay all these dxf files out and combine to one gcode file so i can cut them with one sheet?

also want to say thanks in advance… this forum has been a wonderful help for me and mine and i genuinely appreciate it

also i have an extra lowrider 2 printed parts kit
its not doing me any good sitting here… if anyone wants it

  • Import the .DXF files into your CAD
  • Arrange the drawings in the layout that you want
  • Export the overall drawing as a DXF file
  • Import into your CAM software (Or use a gcode generator in your CAD)

There are probably 2D nesting solutions that will try to fit and arrange the pieces on the sheet of plywood, I guess, but those tend to be expensive.


  • Import all of the DXF files into your CAD
  • Extrude all of the shapes by an arbitrary distance, say 10mm
  • Export them all as .STL files
  • Tell Prusa Slicer that you have a 1220 by 2440mm print bed printer
  • Import all of the .STL files and tell Prusa Slicer to arrange them all.

Then you’ll need to arrange the DXF files to match the layout that the Slicer shows you, I guess.

I do know that there are nesting programs to do this, but they’re not cheap.

2 Likes is really good at nesting, takes a second to figure it out (you need to also import a material sized dxf).


Bro… Deepnest io… Is something else… And it costs free.99. Lol

Thank you guys for your replys

I recieved 2 wonderful answers!


hey ryan i have a quick question about deepnest and estelcam

so i used deepnest to create arrange everything and it took two sheets

but it doesnt create two dxf files
so both sheets are in one file

when i open it in estelcam i dont see a way to seperate the sheets into two cuts

is there another step im missing?

thank you guys for letting me bug you so dang much lol

Not in estlcam, you would have to do that in CAD.

I usually just leave it and only select the parts I want. I rarely do auto select, so it is usually not a big deal.