CNC Cutter and laser engraver

I am very new to this and am hoping someone can help please, I recently bought a CNC Cutter and laser engraver BIGTREETECH SKR PRO V1.2 control board with 5 TMC 2209 V1.2 drivers and BIGTREETECH TFT35 V3.0 control screen. with duel end stops.

I was told it needs a firmware update.

would someone mind pointing me in the right direction please

thanks so much


based on your description, it sounds like you either need the lowrider or the mpcnc firmware that you can get here.

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Are you using them on a VI MPCNC or Lowrider machine? It’s important to understand that the firmware has machine-specific settings, so using V1 firmware on a non-V1 machine is not likely to be immediately successful.


Its a Primo apparently if that helps thankyou for your reply :+1:

Its a Primo if that helps im not sure which that would mean though V1 or lowrider any help is seriously appreciated :+1:

Perhaps a picture of the machine, board, and anything else you have would help. I’m not sure anyone can accurately help you based on the description given so far.

Don’t get the LR (lowrider) version. Get the dual end stop for your board.

Here’s the one you want:

Get the firmware at Brett’s link, unzip it, put the binary on a FAT32-formatted SD card. With the electronics off, put the card in the SD slot of the SKR Pro board (not the display), and power the electronics on. If the flash is successful, the binary file will have a “.cur” extension. Your SD card needs to be 32GB or smaller to be formatted FAT32.

With this latest release, if you plan on using inline g-code commands to control the laser (highly recommended), you need to put the following at the top of your laser g-code files:

M3 I

Thankyou so much :ok_hand::+1::+1::+1:

Thankyou buddy thats a huge help :+1::+1:

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I used to have a nice coloured touch screen but now I have this instead, also its now asking for lots of settings to do with Axis, any help would be amazing thankyou

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Your display is in Marlin mode. You can switch between TFT mode and Marlin mode by holding the knob down for a few seconds. Your image is not uploading on my computer. Usually this happens when you close your browser or tab before the image is done uploading. You can edit your post and try the upload again by clicking on the pencil icon. Note that copy and paste works to upload an image.

Thankyou, your amazing, this is exactly what I wad looking for :+1::+1:

I’m going to make a guess that you were asking about the question marks flashing in the display in Marlin mode. The question marks indicate that the coordinates are relative to some unknown (to Marlin) location. Unless you reset the coordinates, they will be relative to the place the router was the first time you moved it electronically. The question marks will go away if you home your machine. They will come back if you execute a G92 to set your origin relative to the stock, since Marlin does not know where the stock is mounted. You can ignore the question marks.

As a side note about Marlin vs. TFT mode. I don’t have a TFT display. If I did, and if I was running my jobs from the display using an SD card, I’d use Marlin mode for any big jobs. While the TFT code has been stable for some time, there is just less chance of an issue if you run your job in Marlin mode. I’d hate to lose five hours of cutting due to a communication problem.