CNC assembly design info

Where can I find the dimensional information on the relationship of the CNC components (or a dimensional layout)?


I don’t understand what you are asking for?

In designer language, I’m looking for the center to center (design) distances of all the conduit rails in X, Y, and Z directions. (This would be for the conduit version, if that makes my difference.)

Being more specific:

  1. Stationary X rails, what is the y distance is ?
  2. Stationary Y rails, what is the X distance ?
  3. Stationary X & Y rails, what is the Z distance?
  4. Stationary Y rail and Gantry X rails, what is the Z distance?
  5. Stationary X rail and Gantry Y rail, what is the Z distance?


27.6 mm for the Standard version for everything but the z axis. The z axis is different and I don’t have it memorized. What do you need these for? That might help me understand what you need, from me. I have a blank tool holder on thingiverse easily editable and gives you the z axis center to center for the z axis

In review of my last posting, I see that I made a obvious mistake. There is no set dimension for # 1& 2 as those dimensions are set by the user.

On a related front, in using the Dewalt 660 it would be helpful to know the following instead.

  1. How much of the X to X rail Y distance is usable? Or how much is lost?
  2. How much of the Y to Y rail X distance is usable? Or how much is lost?

Pretty sure the linked calculators on the assembly page “rails” have this info. If not I will be putting the dewalt on my machine in a day or two and can measure it then.

Thank you vicious1!

My use? I’m in the process of setting up one of your systems that I just picked up from a friend. These dimensions will help me do some simple dimensional layout work to establish my desired standoff or leg length and more and hopefully in actual set-up later.

Upon further review of your reply, I’m confused. Did you confirm that the center to center distance for items 3, 4 & 5 is 27.6 mm?

#3. I don see what those other numbers will help with.

the rails stationary and moving are 27.6 apart. I don’t know what the stationary to moving rail distance is.