Choosing the MPCNC vs. LowRider

So I am trying to automate from trapping builds for creating efficient tanning racks. The largest rack is 6 feet long but only 9 inches wide.

I would like to have an area that is 36" x 6.5" so that I can do multiple boards at once.

I know the LowRider was built for this but once I am done with the racks the MPCNC would be much more versatile for some 2x4 projects I have in mind.

What’s the consensus on using a thick walled steel pipe for the setup versus buying the LowRider that is only case and point

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2’ x 4’ is still much larger than recommended for a Primo (MPCNC). At that size you will be MUCH happier with the LR3. It would be simple to bring it down to 2x4 after your done with your larger racks as well if that’s what you wanted to do.


I appreciate the insight.
You confirmed what I was thinking

I think my concern is the LR3 is the clearance is 1.5 inches and a 2x4 is greater than that on the vertical. I was hoping to to create some vertical templates. If I went for the LR3 would I be able to elevate it to accommodate thicker pieces and bring it down easily?

At the end of the day I will more than likely be investing in both I just need something to get me started right now.

Seems kinda cramped. Even supermodels would have trouble with only 9" of width… Oh, wait… You meant the other tanning… right.

Yes, raising Y rails on (removable) stacks of sealed MDF seems to be a common solution, Ryan has previously suggested…

Less frequently observed folks make Drop tables, and/or taller YZ plates.

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I went to that youtube video but it was just the build of the lowrider not how to make it taller/ suggestions for that.

I should have been clearer in sharing what Ryan’s previously suggested regarding MDF stacks. Edited my initial response, hope that helps.

I don’t recall a video with MDF stacks, personally would use clamps or bolt through so layers could be added/removed.

Have seen some videos with tall YZ plates being used to cut tall soft material like foam surfboards.


When I built my full sheet LR3 I set it on 2 additional layers of 3/4" MDF then installed MDF strips on the table that could be removed if I wanted to mill something thicker/taller. If I could do it over again I would have just put 2 more full sheets as the spoil board and not done the strips. OR if I did the strips again they would be MUCH closer together.


I would love to see an image of your design but I think you gave me the right idea for focus on. Thank you


Thank you for the information about the tall yz plates. I will look into this but I think along with what Jonathanjon said will probably work the best with the movable rail.

Thank you for the information I do appreciate it.

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To make my life easier I am going to buy the LowRider v3 Hardware kit

Do you all suggest getting the following
Add a set of LR3 3D Printed Parts & metal XZ plates
Add some 1/8" Single Flute Endmill/s
Add Precut YZ plates

Not sure if i should add this as I dont have a router yet so not sure which one to buy
Add a 1/8" collet for your router

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Get the Makita, you won’t be disappointed. Then you need the collet. They are made by Elaire and are really good, bougth mine a few years back before Ryan had them in stock.


LOL i cant even see it right now. Any flat surface around my house becomes an instant catch all LOL. Should be some pics of it in other threads though

Not the best pic but here is my new smaller LR3 sitting infront of its “big brother” and you can see the strips of MDF…again, if you do strips make them much closer together!!!

A few more I found from my build thread

Before I put the strips in…