Changing Z Nut Lock on older style without removing Middle Assembly

I was just printing my final version (3rd) of a wedding sign for a nephew that is getting married next month when my z-axis dropped & the router plunged into the nice maple piece. Turns out it was my fault. The locknuts on the z_nut_lock came off. I remember sometime last fall seeing a couple of locknuts on the table, but could not figure out where they came from, so now I know. It is pretty amazing how much cutting I have done since then without a problem. Anyway, I decided to replace all the plastic parts on that z-axis while I was at. I also changed out the screws to motor & the z nut lock with stainless. All the parts assembled easily except the z nut lock. Holding that one locknut in place at the correct angle with a needle nose to get the threads started just was not working for me. I was determined not to have to take all those parts apart to change that & came up with a specialized allen wrench style nut holder. It took me 4 versions of the part to get it right, but took less than a minute to get that nut on after using it. The bottom nut I was able to use an allen wrench thru the back of the lock nut to hold that in place. Here are some pictures. Luckily I still have enough good wood left to cut that sign. I have the machine all leveled again & ready to cut that sign tomorrow. I am using 4 different bits on the sign & should take 4 to 5 hours to cut.


Very clever. I like the look of that print.

Nice set of table clamps!

Somehow I got pretty fluent at putting those stupid nuts on, glad they are gone though.

I made a version of this part that works with the thingiverse customizer.