Changing bits after finish run gcode

Hi there, I am trying to cut a PCB and need 3 different bits for the job, I am planning to run each one of the 3 Gcodes separately, I mean when the first one finishes I will change the second bit, load the second Gcode and run it.
My mpcnc when finishes de first job the X&Y are loose the stepper drives does not keep the position, is there a way to keep the stepper drives ON when finishes the Gcodes? I am using a touch screen so no button to push :(.

In your CAM or sending software a M84 or an M18 is being generated. Open your .gcode files and search for these two codes. As a quick solution you can just deleted these lines if you find them. If they are in the file, then look for a setting in your CAM software to turn off disabling steppers. If they are not in the file then look at whatever tool you use to send the gcode to the MPCNC. There is possibly a setting but more likely these codes will be in a end script that can be edited.

I’m assuming you leave the electronics on after each file is run. If you list the software tools you are using, it is likely someone on this forum can give you a detailed fix.

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I am using ESTLcam to generate and to send to machine Repetier.

And what firmware? I’m assuming a newer version of Marlin. By default the current Marlin version that Ryan maintains leaves the steppers engaged for 20 minutes. Did you find an M84 or M18 in your files? Look to see what (if any) begin or end scrips are being executed in Repetier?

Edit: The problem is probably Repetier-Host. See this page in the MPCNC documentation: with the settings highlighted in yellow.


I am not sure about the Marlin version, I did not update for the last 5 months at least, I will check as soon as I return home. Thanks Robert.

Hi just got home, I have “Marlin-MPCNC_Ramps_T8_16T_LCD_32step_DualEndstop”, installed in my MPCNC, I could not find the M84/M18 gcode in the file. The Gcode:
1 line = G90
2 line = M3 S20000
All code
last line = M5

Hi, look at these settings in Repetier Host:

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I found this the solution in the link you sent, thanks robertbu

Thanks found the solution in this link