Cat "proof" keyboard cover

Simple cover for my laptop keyboard.

I tend to leave my laptop running. I like to be able to remote log into it from wherever I might be, and if it’s closed, I can’t do that.

The pronlem comes when the cat wants to be near the window, and walks over the keyboard, or, as cats lime to do, lie down on the keyboard. Particularly annoying while I’m logged in, and she’s watching the mouse cursor.

Nothing says “cat on the keyboard” like having the Internet homepage button stood on for 10 minutes until the machine bogs down. Or having the “airplane mode” button hit while you are working on a CAD project. Or the power button. There is also apparently some keyboard shortcut that will set your screen magnification up to 2400x zoom…


An outline of the bottom half the laptop with a cutout of the keyboard and trackpad done in dollar store foam.

I cheated on the foam cutout, that was done pn my CoreXY Laser Engraver it doesn’t have quite enough room for the whole thing so I did it in 2 parts.

Once I finish my kinematic mount for the LR3, I might re-do the foam… but probably not for as long as this works.


Nice work, but I would forget to replace the cover so I solved that particular problem in a quite different way:

I let my daughter toddler play with my keyboard and she got the rgb leds into some different mode. I didn’t know how to fix it and now that she’s a but older, I like to leave it as a reminder of how she used to be a toddler.