Can't jog steppers - SD card not recognized

Finished wiring my MPCNC today, not buttoned up but wanted to run some tests. Purchased Jackpot controller and SD card. Connected the steppers, limit switches, installed sd card and powered up the card. Thankfully no smoke and everything seemed to be ok. Got on my laptop and logged into the Jackpot board in AP mode. The motors jogged but he Y axis was reversed, powered down, flipped both Y axis motors connections (while powered down) re-powered and everything seemed ok. Hit Home and voila! she went to home. I thought I was good. Now the problems started…after homing, the steppers would no longer jog and there was no reaction at all. I powered down, logged off and started over once again no luck, powered down and physically moved the motors to the center. Powered up , relogged on and once again the steppers worked. I homed the machine once again, thought it was fixed, no such luck, I can’t get the steppers to move no matter how many times I restart, or re power the board.
The second issue is the SD card is not recognized by the software at all. I checked the SD card for FAT formatting, reformatted, checked in my computer, the card works everywhere else, I have even tried other cards, no luck.
I know this long but 1 final note. when I power up the Jackpot board, there are no green leds lit at the 5v and Mosfet outputs as is shown in the docs. HELP!

Sounds to me like one or more of your axis’ are not moving off the homing switch after arriving at the home position, they are supposed to hit the switch, then move off and re-home but slower, sometimes the default move off distance isn’t enough for the switch to de-operate. Check your console for a ‘homing failed’ report.

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A couple quick things on the sd card. Make sure it’s fat32 (and not exfat). There is also apparently a known issue that prevents cards of exactly 2GB from working, and anything over 64GB is probably exfat by default and needs to be reformatted to fat32.

There’s a bit more here : localfs | Wiki.js

Thanks, that doesn’t seem to be the problem. The card was bought from V1, It works everywhere else, definitely FAT32 and is 32 GB. Didn’t see anything helpful in the Wiki. Hopefully someone else has some ideas, getting ready to go to the shop and start from the beginning with the wiring and connections.

Thanks Mike, I don’t think that is the problem but I can’t check at this point because I can’t get the steppers to move at all, except manually when the power is off. I didn’t mention in my first post but when powered up the steppers are locked up, so they seem to be receiving good connections and have juice.

I would download a fresh copy of the config.yaml and install it. It could be a corrupt config file.

Hey Britt, that did the trick, uploaded the new config.yaml, also looked in the hamburger menu under preferences and saw that the TFT SD CARD card was not checked. After update I rebooted the system and it all worked. Thanks!

You’re welcome. Glad that did the trick.