Can Someone Please?

Can someone please edit the V1CNC_SkrPro_DualLR_2209- firmware and activate the SPINDLE_LASER_USE_PWM feature, then compile it for me? I spent most of the day attempting to compile it with no errors. I did manage to get a successful compile but after flashing it to my board, the system is stuck in a boot loop. I’m assuming that I just messed up the firmware since I have zero experience in that department and for the life of me could not find a tutorial that doesn’t assume you have some prior experience. I’m pretty sure that this is all that needs done to the configuration_adv.h file:

It wouldn’t surprise me if I’m wrong about that too though lol. Thank you!

Not that anyone ever replied, but I got it figured out and my laser working. Only had to change the ENA pin, and edit the VCarve laser post processor that Matticustard posted. Here are my first 2 cuts after setup and testing. Focused on cutting 65# cardstock for some shadow box x-mas gifts at the moment.


Actually I took a shot at and answer and then deleted my answer since from what you posted I thought you were trying to get the spindle working, not setup for a laser. SPINDLE_LASER_USE_PWM was already enabled in the V1 firmware. I’m not sure why you had to change the enable pin.

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Custom firmware requests are not a common thing around here.

Why not use the one set by default?

I just noticed that I said the wrong command in my first post lol…I’m an idiot. I was actually trying to change the define LASER_FEATURE to define SPINDLE_FEATURE because I thought I needed the spindle feature for the VCarve pp. I was wrong on that as well though. Once I started digging into the firmware I figured out that my issues were more pp related aside from setting the ENA pin. It has been a valuable learning experience getting to this point, frustrating yet fun and rewarding.

I probably should have reworded, “Not that anyone ever replied” to “I know no one has replied yet”. My intention wasn’t meant to be rude, but more to inform anyone that may have been trying to help with the firmware but hadn’t replied yet. My apologies if it came off as rude to anyone.

As for the ENA pin change, I did that because I was following Mperino’s post since I have the NEJE N40630 and had just changed my entire controller housing/wiring to accommodate for the laser and easier firmware changes. My old controller housing did not have access to the micro sd card slot nor the 12v/5v jumper pins on the SKR Pro 1.2, so firmware changes were a pain in the butt especially when doing a lot of trial and error lol. Here are some pics of the new setup, I still need to install the green laser mount so my dust shroud doesn’t have to be removed when using the laser:

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I love the idea of an interlock!