Can Ryan please come out with a statement condemning racism in the group?

I recently got kicked off the FB group by the admins because of a post I made of a Black Lives Matter sign I created on my Lowrider 2. I really wish I took screenshots of the blatant racist and ignorant comments that post got. Absolutely unbelievable. Can we, as a maker community have the decency to condemn these types of acts or will we stand by as the creator of this community stays in silence to save business?
I am truly ashamed to be part of this group of people and I just wanted to make this post here as well before (most probably) I will get the boot from here too.

I will not stop until Ryan makes a public statement about where he stands.

This is not politics people, this is an act of human decency and standing up for what’s right. It’s a social issue and history is watching.

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I forgot there was a facebook group.


I think it may depend on the tone in which you posted it. Ryan does like to keep things politics-free. And while I agree with you that this has gone well beyond politics, this isn’t really the forum for social activism. Posting pictures of BLM work you’ve made as examples of work you’ve done on V1-designed machines is one thing, but proselytizing is another.

For what it’s worth, I almost left the community a while back when someone posted pics of their 3% plaque. As far as I’m concerned, that’s about the most thinly veiled racist dog whistle out there, but it was posted as an example of the detailed carving the machine was capable of, and all the discussions revolved around that alone. I’ve also bitten my tongue re: some “2nd Amendment” paraphernalia that’s been shown off. But again, it was never with an explicit message, just as examples of the work that’s being done. And for some, I think it may also come down to what they can sell.

So that’s as far as I’ll get on to a soapbox around here (unless you’re talking about CNC safety or the like), and I’ll probably get a strongly worded private message or two anyway… :neutral_face:


Do we have to bring Politics and Religion into every aspects of our lives?

I come here to talk CNC. Not BLM, Antifa, KKK, billy bob thorton, or Just Bieber.


This was the post. I was proud to make it for like two seconds, when the comments started pouring in.

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It’s not politics. It’s justice. If you ignore it, you’re part of the problem.

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I didn’t say I ignore it. I’m just saying I’m not discussing it here.


BTW… I also won’t discuss the following on this forum:

Dino vs synthetic
Ford vs Ram
SeaRay vs Crownline
Salt vs Chlorine


But not bringing it up in this space isn’t ignoring it. If you’ll give him some time to sort out his own thoughts, I’m sure @vicious1 will post his views on the subject, and then politely ask that everyone remember that this space is for CNC-related discussions. In no way is anyone suggesting that the matter be ignored or that it isn’t of extreme importance. This just isn’t the venue for those discussions. It could be, I suppose. Perhaps this will be the thread that he lets stand with… social/political/racial discussions. But most people here are looking for CNC content, not the same content they can find on most decent news channels.

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Hence I posted this in Random or Off Topic.

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If respectfully asked, I will provide my views on a number of aspects of equality in the spirit of an exchange of views in an appropriate forum, but at my age and with my experience I doubt that such a conversation has the power to change minds. I do not feel this CNC support community is the appropriate forum for that conversation.

If demanded by someone to make a statement, I would question the demander’s right to compel my speech. Or just remain quiet. Which is what I intend to do on this topic from this point on.


I profoundly appreciate how this forum is able to keep focus on a topic that unites across divisions. It has actually been important to me, on a deeply personal level, to be a part of a community that is not political or ideological. I feel like all spheres of life and society is more and more polarized and politicesed. Conflict is everywhere, even here on the north pole.

Therefore, I find it a big relief to spend time here and find shelter from a tumultous world.

BUT - then again, can we ever hide from reality? If my brother/friend/colleague became victim of racism or other unjustice, I would want the whole world to know. George Floyd IS our brother. Thats my deeply held conviction. It’s difficult to keep both thoughts in our heads at the same time…


Dry Rub vs Marinade?
Single Malt vs Blended?
John Deere vs International Harvester?


And like most people, you immediately jumped on someone that doesn’t think the same as you.

You made the request that the owner of a company comes out and makes a statement. One that he may not feel needed to be said. Honestly, I haven’t seen anyone show any sign of any racist remark on this site yet.

This is also a global site and a global community. Should he need to address something that for the most part is a local issue brought out by local politics? Should he be having to make remarks about other political issues going around other parts of the world?

You have the right to ask whatever you want. I have the right to ask why should we discuss that here. And Ryan should have the right to say/do whatever he’d like on his forum about his product. He shouldn’t be called out publicly to ‘make a statement’. If you feel like Ryan needed to say/do something, you should have sent him a PM.



It is kinda a global thing, now… They’re yelling “I can’t breathe” in the UK, Germany, Australia, etc., etc. @turbinbjorn is probably replying right now about protests above the Arctic Circle…

There are strong forces everywhere, that want to put gasoline on the culture war fire. Personally, I initiated a big rally in my small home town, when there was a racist nazi killing in Norway, in 99. Maybe half the town showed up. I’ve been a social activist since teenager. I still go to rallies. But right now, I get a bad taste in my mouth when there are conflicts on any social issues. Racism is wrong, period. But I really really don’t want to bring the culture war to this place. The culture war is not about social justice, it’s about dividing people, separating us from each other. How can we oppose the culture war and oppose what is blantantly wrong? I don’t know the answer to this.


Anyone who thinks racism is OK should be jumped on. It’s not even up for discussion, you’re always going to be wrong no matter what your argument is. It really is that simple. I tweeted at Ryan, to which he just shrugged me off and remained silent.

Everyone just slow down. Take a step back. Try to keep an open mind. I’m talking to everyone here.


In this context there are two sides: Racists vs. Anti-racists. War to not be war means peace has to be achieved. For that to work, all it needs to happen is for the Racists to become Anti-Racists. What would the Anti-Racists need to do? Shut up? The onus is still on the Racists.

Slowing down, stepping back, ignoring it - these are all the things why we have all these problems.