Can I get this to "Good Enough"?

So I had 3 out of the 4 Rollers break on me all at the lock hold-down. The reasons for this I’m sure could be numerous and many (I didn’t think I over tightened them…), but everything else seems to be moving ok otherwise. Not having my own 3D printer, I’ve been getting everything printed at university and they charge 10 cents a gram. It’s at the point now that I’d hate to pay to have these re-printed when for the same price I could get a whole roll of filament.

So my question is, could I get the extruder I have installed and configured and print the replacement rollers myself even though the lock hold downs are broken? I’ll have to double check my Z height, but I think I might have enough for them.


Yes for sure. The roller locks do not contribute very much once the steppers are energized. I have ran the machine without screws in those several times.

Good to know. I was worried a little about the X or Y movement sliding the gantry conduit out, but figured I wouldn’t have any upward Z force with 3D printing.