Can Estlcam be "cheated" to do this?

Hi all,

I am using Estlcam to do my CNC millings and I would be very interested in finding a way to “cheat” the software so that I can make something like the attached shape. Not exactly this shape but the idea is to be able to mill vertically into the material in a double-curvature way. The end mill to use would be something like this with a shank (much) smaller than the spherical mill itself thus allowing for such milling:

Some have suggested two-sided milling - but this will not really solve the challenge as it still doesn’t allow for milling vertically into the material … I hope you can visualize this …

The main “issue” I guess is that Estlcam does not allow for an end mill of this type. However, I hope there may be a way to make it work with such an end mill.

Might any of you know how this can be done? If not in Estlcam maybe there is a work-around in another program that can output the g-code to Estlcam?

Thanks for reading and maybe suggesting :wink:


Nope. You need a rotary axis to do something like that.

Agreed. You can get limited undercut results with a bit like you are talking about for things like wall mount holes that have a wide opening and then an undercut. You can even cut threads in a drilled hole. But 3D like you are asking is best done with a fourth axis. A rotary axis. Like this or this.

Also, those tools will just start a fire on our machines, the spindle rotates way too fast.

Hi Barry & Aaryn,

Thank you both for your feedbacks & my apology for a late reply … I would like to explore this more, though, since if the diameter difference between the shank and the cutting mill is relatively big this should allow for a cutting like I am aiming for. If using Estlcam one solution could be to directly feed Estlcam with g-code. “Just” need to find out which software can make this g-code translation.

BTW the material to cut will be wood so it shouldn’t pose an issue neither for the CNC machine nor for the surroundings …

Cheers :wink: