Bust Out Another Thousand my Cnc and boat projects

Well I got the 8” sub boxes done. One I managed to use wood the other was too tight a space and is the resin one.

Lr3 traced my panels and cut out with a saw. I couldn’t get my speeds dialed in for a under hour cut.

Sanded high build primer. Some filler more primer then some grey 2 part sealer and then some ppg cheap single stage white.


Some cuts on the lr3


Ok well now they are done I added some color match Upholstry piping to the edge that I had left over.


Couple updates.
Got the sub panels wired and ran some wires for the amps. They fit decent I had to do some filing. And I was going to hide the screws but I want to be able to remove them if I need so I used my microstop and countersunk the mount holes and used ss.

Got the instrument cluster in and the rocker switches.
The 15” sub is now back in it’s happy home.
And I managed to get the boat un winterized and got it running and up to operating temp. No surprises on that front.
I also “ un armed my mpcnc” but only for the night as I needed the router to cut a access hole for a stupidly located ballast tank pump.
Before you had to remove the whole floor board well not anymore.
The ballast pumps alone on this boat are a headache as there is 8 of them total
And I have another 3 bilge pumps.
Hoping for water testing this Sunday if my dock isn’t submerged.

Next is clean and wax removal on the floor gel coat. The surface wax for final cure I don’t think will like the sticky back of my Eva foam.


And that’s a wrap still need to finish up wireing but not is on the lake now.


Heck yeah!!!

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I am very happy with the out come.
Now to clean up the shop and get some rest lol.

That is what winter is for…


Procrastination is my bestest friend