Bust Out Another Thousand my Cnc and boat projects

DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS! Woah, that was a blast from the past. Is that a well known book? I didn’t think it was widely read, just that an obscure radio theatre had made it somewhat popular in Norway back in the days…

I haven’t read that one but now that I looked it up it’s right up my alley of interest haha.
All I read these days is manuals lol

I recommend ‘The Kraken wakes’ as well. When you consider these were written in the 50s his themes are spookily relevant today (in my opinion)

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Some minor updates.
I managed to get my dash pieces in.
It’s not really related at all for Cnc.
But I will be doing some cuts very soon.


Ok so I got my roll stretching out and the backing is definitely different that the other stuff I had. This stuff nothing sticks to like you said. I am thinking it may have some kind of impregnated wax or something. I will try some chemicals and maybe scuffing it up a bit. If that doesn’t work I tried using the shiny side of my bbq butcher paper and it seems to stick well to the adhesive backing and has a paper back other side that the common double sided tapes sticks nice too. So I may just lay out that. Take the backing off the roll and transfer it to the butcher paper then trim and use that to stick down.
I will keep posting how things go.

I can’t remember how well it worked now because it has been so long, but I do remember that it did get better if I went over the backing with an orbital sander first

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Well I removed the backing and put on some masking paper from work. And it’s looking like it’s going to work. It’s paper back and sticks well one side is shiny and waxed.