Brand new CNCer here

Hi all. I just finished my build of my mpcnc. (Seems building was the easy part). Now starts the questions. Not sure this was the right place to post but here goes.

All parts cant from the Vicious1 store I upgraded to the mini Rambo and added the LCD display. (Have not hooked it up yet)

after getting everything put together level and square I was able to get it to move front back side to side and up and down. (Yay I’m gonna be carvin soon) lol

I installed arduino and repetierHost as well as estlcam. Using manual mode I am able to move machine (I think I already said that) but how do I set the home location? If I hit the home button it goes all the way forward and bottoms out unless I hit the emergency stop. And the z acid goes down all the way.

Min sure it’s a simple fix and I am gonna have to learn how to actually use the software. Lol

thanks in advance for any help in the right direction


Home is right were the head is, if you move it just reset the board and you are back to home. Do not use the Home button.

Homing a cnc job can get really complicated so it is best not to do that until you really understand why you would need it.

I have a little blurb in the FAQ’s about this.