Bit keeps cutting into side of cut out part

I have been trying to make a small necklace box, a pocket in the center and cut out the outside. The pocket operation works fine, every time it cuts the part out, the bit cuts into the side. It mostly happens around the holding tabs. I have tried this cut 3 times with different locations for the tabs, slowed speeds, and lowered the DOC. I’m using a dxf I created with Draftsight and using Estlcam. I have cut out several square boxes without problems but I made this one oval and its giving me a hard time. I have included pictures, estlcam screen shot, dxf file, and gcode file. (DXF and gcode are in the zip file)

It was running at 13mms and 2.5mm DOC then lowered to 12mms and 2mm DOC. The last one I even turned feed-rate down to 80%.

I’m using Ramps 1.4, with DRV8825 drivers, 84oz steppers. Its running Marlin 2.0 from the github.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions! (28.3 KB)

What version firmware are you using? Is there a number on the screen when you boot?


Its 301. Just saw your reply on the “Cutting going on phantom paths” will try to update Estlcam and see what happens.

Thanks again for any help and suggestions.


No, I am worried it is a firmware issue, or something to do with both your estlcam settings. Both your files crash my repetier. Can you send me screenshots of your estlcam settings.

You are both using different control boards so that make the firmware not as suspect to me, and he tried with arc on and with arcs off.

Here are the Estlcam settings screen shots.

Best guess at this point is try with the arcs off.

USB or SD card?

Will try with arcs turned off.

Using SD card.

I am running your file in the air right now to listen for anything funky.

Other than random errors you two have had nothing in common. I am really not sure what this could be.

Are you sure you are cooling your drivers enough to push the gigantic steppers?

I tried turning the arcs off and running it again, this time in pine (before was cherry). Still have the same problem. I paid a bit more attention to it this time and noticed it starts doing the cut out fine, its only on the last 3 passes that this happens. Actually it did not do it on the last pass this time, it seems fine. It still happens where the holding tabs are. Would double sided tape be enough to hold the cut out and eliminate the holding tabs and test? When I get home today I will try to do a test run with no tabs, but not cut all the way though and see what happens. Is 12mms still to fast for an oval with both axis constantly moving?

Are you sure you are cooling your drivers enough to push the gigantic steppers?
I am using your Ramps cover and 4010 fan for cooling. I took the cover off and checked the driver temps and highest I could get was 122F.

I checked belts, pulleys, and looked for any obstructions. I did notice a little bit of play between my gantry and Y rail (circled in red), its only .005" with the feelers. I tried loosening and tightening the tension bolts but it did not seem to help.

Thanks the help.

This sounds like your tool is not perpendicular, or needs to be trammed. Check my thingiverse page I have a tool.

The only reason I was worried was two similar threads and you were both using new firmware.

Not at all.

I suggest rebuilding the center and Z. I think your tool is probably slightly angled, and the Z might be tweaked, causing your other rail issues. I have recently updated the center instructions and a second rebuild most get it perfect. All the rails are interference fit so if you have a bearing not touching something is pretty far out of wack.

Also, you should be using a finishing pass. Pushing through hard and unloading on a tab is what is causing the last issue you took a picture of.

Ryan, thanks for all the help and troubleshooting. I will print and try your perpendicular tester. I was also planning on rebuilding the center with the burly parts and adding endstops after Christmas. Hopefully I can baby my current setup though a couple more Christmas projects. Will also start adding finishing passes, didn’t realize it made that much of a difference on a part cut out with the full bit engaged.

Thanks again for the great design and top notch support!