Beginner Rookie

Hello everyone. I Marcos from Texas…
I have been reading and learning a lot from all of you.
Some time ago I came up with the idea of putting together a built-in CNC at home.
I decided on the Vicius.
My idea is to build furniture for sale.
I do not look for a fast machine, only precision and reliability.
That allows me to build, candelabra, lamps and some chairs and other things…
I am looking for a work area of at least (Metric).
X-1500mm , Y-1500mm and Z-250mm.
I have seen very large machines of 4 feet by 7.
They seemed surprising to me.

Consultation is, what kind of galvanized steel conduit should I buy ??
23.5mm OD, or the IE version 25mm OD ??

What kind of printed parts is best for me?
25.4mm -1" , 25mm or 23.5mm ??

I hope not to bother with these questions that surely are already tired of concluding.
But thank you very much for the help you can give me.


It depends on what size is available to you. Most places in the world you only have 1 choice.

Ok thank you very much, I will see what available measures exist in may Local Home Depot. . .

Thank you, I received everything in perfect condition.
Now print the parts. :slight_smile: