Barts Pendant dial

This is pretty cool. Bart has developed a pendant around a new rotary dial.

It is made for fluidnc!


That is a really neat pendant.

There are some great control modes. The accelerations when doing the button jogs were interesting. They all had some overshoot, but if you have soft limits, it didn’t crash. It isn’t possible to stop immediately, so that makes sense.

You can see there was no stuttering and it started stopping immediately. That is great.

The M5 stack stuff has been pretty decent in my experience. As long as they don’t decide to just stop building it.

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Soooo, if we can select and start a file on the SD card this would be full-featured and most would not even need to sign in to the wifi most of the time.

I was pretty sure someone meantiond a 3D printed DIY version of that dial to bring the price down even further?

Oh man, this is better that I expected it would be.


We Bart said it is possible, that is cool. Time to try and bulk buy some knobs…


That’s exactly what I replied to Bart on YouTube when he responded to me on the video!

He was super responsive. I asked about the source for the buttons, and he not only replied but modified the wiki to add the source link!

Here was the wiki before the conversation,

and here was the wiki after the conversation.

I wish we could see the change log for that wiki. So many little tidbits get added I would love to catch up like I do with Marlin and Fluid by browsing the PR’s or changelog.

M5 has already responded, I hope to have some pricing shortly.

So cool.

I ordered one as soon as I saw the video (did not realize you were going to work to get some).

@vicious1, thanks for being awesome. If the SD card file browser / job start option gets worked out, then V1E makers with the Jackpot can get both a control device / pendant in one go, for not much more than the price of a TFT 35. So cool.

I didn’t do anything, I just chose to hit fluidnc at the right time.

Looking like we could get a wled and pendant control module worked up…should be a great combo. You still looking into that or no? I have a couple of things in the works currently but if you decided against it, I will add it to my to do list.

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That’s a great idea! I’m still interested in the WLED idea — I’ve just had so much on me lately I can’t get any progress made…

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You’re continually thinking about ways to help us as makers, which led you to the choices you made.

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These are buttons I ordered to hopefully get a pendant (and maybe more?) done:

I chose the option that matches what Bart indicated: “Momentary self-reset, 12mm, 9-30V(12V)”

At only $0.76 each, I ordered more than needed, a batch of 5 (one of each color). The pendant only needs the red and green.


Very excited about this! Will be tossing one of the m5 dials in my Xmas stocking (awaiting official store version!) I love that most of the key hardware is already integrated (Arduino/esp32, jog dial, touch screen, speaker (!), and inputs.) I suppose I should finish my LR3 first though.

Just browsed through the source code and he’s communicating via this Serial_FNC class over serial to/from the pendant uart. Curious about how SD card integration will work with that. He has already started it appears, there are SD card variables defined: myFile and myPercent (“Running SD Filename” and “Percent Complete of SD File” in the comments.) Adding SD card support doesn’t look like it’ll be too heavy of a lift, as it’s already part of FluidNC ( localfs | Wiki.js )

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