Auto Home X and Y, motors stop after a few seconds

When I click auto home on x and y, the stepper motors start to home and then it just stops it mainly happens when the gantry is to the far end of the home position. Is that a known issue?

What do I need to do to make sure that when I click auto home the x sn y can move all the way home and not stop midway?

Set real size of the table in the firmware. Not default 200x200

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So I will need to edit the firmware and compile it then reuploaded to the board?


Or do what I do, hit the home buttons again. ?

Ok so I am looking to download the pre-configured firmware from Github. I am using dual-endstops, is that already a part of the pre-configured firmware? Also on what tab in Arduino do I need to make changes to the size of the machine?

I have compiled firmware for my Prusa 3D Printers, so I just need some guidance on which tabs to make updates to.


You do not need to if you head is with in 8" of home, or home more than once, or edit the Config.H tab, Machine size.