ArtCAM Wizzards?

Hey guys!

This may be in the wrong category, but I’m looking for someone to help me out creating a relief of the Teddy Roosevelt National Park quarter. I’m thinking it would make a cool 3D cut but I can’t get a good model created.

Can anyone help? Beer money may be available.

Is there any 3D model available? Converting this image to 3D is going to be very hard. The color doesn’t indicate depth, it indicates change in depth. And to make matters worse, the light source is not left or up, it’s in the upper left, and in front of the plane of the quarter. Even if you made an algorithm to integrate the colors along a particular direction, 1) you’d lose any height information in the shadows and 2) you’d probably have loop closure problems (along a particular line, the start and end depth need to be the same, and in any connected component of the mid-tone (like the sky) the height needs to be the same.

As an example, if you had just a pyramid in this type of lighting, the lighted side might be saturated, and the size of the side of the pyramid. The dark side could be longer, and also saturated. You wouldn’t know where the dark side of the pyramid stopped, and you also wouldn’t know that the dark side of the pyramid stopped at the same depth as the lighted side. You’d have to infer that information from other constraints (like loop closing, or start-stop heights).

The information is there, at least to make a rough model. But if you can find a 3D representation, it will be waaay easier, otherwise, you’re looking for a very special piece of software. I would look for something that makes 3D models from topomaps or something designed specifically for this type of work. Did you mention ArtCAM because it can do this?

Maybe this isn’t what you’re asking for? It might be easier to actually import this image into CAD software and actually do the work of drawing it from scratch. Sort of like tracing art. There are some images in a google search that are colored. That might make it a little easier. You could also try running this into inkscape, segmenting it to create a .svg or .dxf and then manually select a height for each color area. You’ll lose a lot of detail, which you can either accept, or try to manually add back in.

I haven’t been able to find a 3D model. Apparently, all the folks on YouTube who do 3D reliefs like this use ArtCAM, but you can’t get it anymore legally, and the copy that I “borrowed” was really difficult to get started.

I’ll keep searching for a 3D version.

It might be worth a try to convert it to STL at
I have been using it to make some beautiful lithophanes to 3D print

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I don’t know if it is what you wanted, but I created a very quick STL “sketch” out of it without much refinement.

If you like it and want it in another size, just say so and I’ll upload it again.

Could not upload it on the forum because of the file size restriction. So here a link to download:


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That’s awesome!! Thanks so much!

That is a great idea, I’ve made some lithophanes there too. I didn’t even think of it!