Anyone using GRBL?

Is there anyone using GRBL and have recommendations?

Oh!Oh!Oh! Me! Me! Me! I am!! What questions do you have?

Have you replaced the board with a g-shield like the ones inventables uses, or are you running GRBL on Ramps (something I saw on github) ?

I’m using an arduino uno with the simple CNC V3 shield from amazon and stepper drivers either a4988 or drv8825. Total of about $25 cost. I added a simple relay module and enabled router on/off control.

I like that it is modular so if I do something silly and blow a driver its a simple swap and back in business.

I would only consider ramps if I wanted to tandem drivers or 3D print.

What’s something like that take to put together? Soldering?

I’m wanting to go use Easel for both some basic part drawing an communication, but bought the kit here from “the man” and got the ramps stuff by default.

If you have the RAMPS, and drivers the least expensive thing is to looking the GRBL for ramps. But you could reuse the drivers off the ramps setup with a $10 uno and a $11 cnc V3 shield

The shield has the exact stepper header connections, so the original cables would connect. No soldering. You could splurge and spend $3 more and get 4 drivers with the shield.

If you want to add auto on/off router control, the add a $6 one or two channel relay if you don’t mind some wiring.

If you can imagine what I might look like in reading that post…

Deer in headlights.

I have absolutely no idea what you just did there, other then GRBL on Ramps, which I’ve looked into. Have you tried it?

My apologies.

I have not tried GRBL on ramps yet as I went the native GRBL approach.

I will give the GRBL for ramps a go in a few minutes tonight and report back with a step by step guide.

Very awesome and much appreciated. If you’re anywhere in the mid-atlantic sometime, I’ll owe you a few beers.

Prerequisites: You are on windows, Arduino is installed and arduino mega are connected to computer. You also know what com port the arduino is connected to.

Step 1 Download GRBL for RAMPS from: or use the attached file. I made edits to match the setup under the “marlin” page here on this site. (I know it says cyclone, but it will work wonderfully with our arduino megas)

Step 2: Extract zip

Step 3 open folder, double click grblForCyclone.ino, it should launch Arduino

Step 4 be sure board and com are configured under Tools menu. (arduino 2560)

Step 5 Upload to ardunio There may be error messages, but as long as you get Uploading Done it should work. If it fails miserably recheck com port selection, reboot computer, curse swear…

Step 6: launch Easel.

I shamelessly used the code with minor edits from: (448 KB)

OK mschrock, is there anything to configure in Your grbl “make”?
perhaps steps per mm, or anything?

Thank You very much for those files and your answer.


ok, it works nice, but I’d like to add endstops. Any ideas where to connect them on ramps 1.4 board?
the wiki od GRBL for ramps says that I need to use AUX3 header…
any ideas?

so i bought the arduino uno and grbl shield combo to use easel. But my prints are very very large. a 3.5 in print was almost 9in…any suggestions? i flashed the 1.1 grbl on my Uno.