Anyone else like Arc/Nip overhangs?

Just discovered Arc/Nip overhang scripts/algorithm thanks to CNC kitchen. Can use to print up to 90 degree overhangs, algorithm tessellates overhang surface using arcs. Various pros and cons…

First practical application idea that came to mind was to print a small belt holding spool when my LR3 is stored, or, wrap up excess belt when my LR3 is in medium sized bench mode.

Sharing here since I figured this community would like appreciate this novel concept and will have interesting ideas on how to use for their projects.


Very cool. Unfortunately, it is only a proof of concept at this point, and not implemented in any slicers. But there was a gem in the video that I will explore. He mentions that something similar can be done in current slicers and in specific cases by drastically increasing the number of perimeters and greatly slowing the speed. See 2:40 in the video.



Oh that title and my old military head took it a whole other way, lol!!!


Cool idea. If options are used to eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) the curling of layers built on top, it could definitely have value in real life uses. I recently watched a video about ways to control shrinkage that causes curling/lift.

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@geodave is experimenting with recent Prusa slicer integration at Arc Overhangs with postscript in Prusaslicer looks promising.

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